Tweets for September 1st to September 15th

  • Gorgeous lilac sky, fading to stormy blue-grey with pale orange street lights. Can I get yarn in that colour?
  • My web server is populated by zombie files, my blog is fragged, but I have a clean set of database tables. I'm calling that progress.
  • Scarf progress: 21/27. The standard TCP/IP port for FTP connections is port 21
  • I have a new soft fluffy blue dressing gown. I may never leave the house again.
  • I want this in my craft room and this in my cube at work. Keep Calm and Carry On!
  • Needlefelting balls of roving into cat toys: Gotland not easily feltable, merino felts like WHOA! Cat prefers merino, I raised a yarn snob.
  • Learned my first karate gun defense, feels good to know & practice that one. Wooden gun cutouts are a bit scary when pointed at your head.
  • Novel plot coming together in coffee shop, my Muse likes hazelnut mochas! Wonder what Muse would do with a caramel latte?
  • Friends don't let friends knit lace while on controlled substances (yes, I do have a prescription, and no, you can't have any).
  • Cabin fever, I haz it. Lemme out!
  • Scarf progress: 24 repeats and DONE (Motion picture film is usually projected at 24 frames per second).

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