Technical difficulties

I believe that's the polite term for what happened to my blog.  The more accurate description is totally fragged and plagued by zombies. What's galling is that the trauma I went through was unnecessary because it was a web server/FTP server syncing issue.

The blog was deleted and recreated about 5 times, all posts, pages, comments and files exported, then re-imported, except I couldn't import more than 250kb at a time from a 5.6Mb file, which amounted to 27 separate XML files.  All data was saved, nothing was lost except my temper.

The bigger problem was that the blog directory just wouldn't die.  I deleted it off the FTP server, but it was still out on the web server days later, mocking me.  The temp directory I had installed my blog into only showed up under, there was nothing under and they should both point to the same place.

So this place went dark for a while.  I'm not pleased with my web host for taking so long to fix the problem, especially after I did all the research to find out what was wrong.  I reported the problem on Sept 1st, on Sept 5th, it was still all messed up, it finally got fixed on Sept 9th.

The only good thing is that I've cleaned up the wp_options_and_the_kitchen_sink table, which is a dumping ground for random crap from WordPress  plugins.  It strikes me as a poor design decision but fixing it would probably be painful this far along.

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