Ongoing projects

Week two of NaNoWriMo is supposed to be the worst.  Early this week it felt like someone had rolled my brain out like cookie dough and was cutting it into small pieces.  I hit the 25k mark last night.  My characters are mostly doing as they're told, though I did have to repaint a car for one, and create a new boyfriend for another. The main character surprised me yesterday, and I need to do some work to accommodate her.

Reclaimed the Stephen King book On Writing as my halfway prize.  It's one of the best books about writing I've read, and I've read a lot.  He writes about two thousand words a day.  That's been my NaNo goal this year and I've met it so far, even running a few thousand ahead.

I took some time off from the story yesterday after I'd scraped in my two thousand words and read some of the Stephen King book, started a Doctor Who book (The Gallifrey Chronicles), and knit the Tiger sock for a while.  Another couple of inches and the first sock will be done.   I really needed the down time.  Today's lunchtime writing went a lot better.

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