More bad news from Sony

Viruses use Sony anti-piracy CDs.

Virus writers are exploiting Sony's controversial anti-piracy software to hide their malicious creations.  In late October Sony was found to be using stealth techniques to hide software that stopped some of its CDs being illegally copied.  Now three virus variants have been found that use the Sony software to evade detection by anti-virus programs.  Sony has apologised, saying it is working with computer security firms to address the problems.
In response to the concerns, Sony has released a statement "deeply regretting any disruption that this may have caused." It added that it would work with anti-virus firms to ensure its anti-piracy system stayed safe.  As the news about the viruses was breaking, more legal challenges to Sony's use of the anti-piracy program were being launched.  At last count six class-action lawsuits have been started against the company.  As the Boycott Sony blog pointed out, the appearance of these viruses could make it much easier for lawyers to argue that the XCP software can cause real harm to a user's computer.

Note that Sony said it would "ensure its anti-piracy system stayed safe."  Not that they would remove it, or stop using it.  I feel a little sorry for the artists affected.  It won't make much of a dent in the coffers of Celine Dion, but the smaller artists could be hurt, and they had no choice in this.

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