Wednesday round up

This site was down for part of today, and my email with it.  If you sent me  an email today, please resend it.

My iPod has days where it chooses the perfect songs on shuffle.  I like almost all of the songs on there, but with 859 to choose from, how does it know which ones I'd like to hear?  It hasn't been in my bag for several days.   I think it's trying to prove how good it is so it doesn't get forgotten again.  Tomorrow it gets its first taste of the Mac side.  I'm glad I have an iPod Mini, not a Nano.  The iPod Nano lawsuit has gone global.

Story writing continues, I broke the twenty thousand work mark last night.   My main character gets fired in the next five thousand words, then I have 12,500 words to finish ruining her life, so I can put some of it back together  in the last 12,500.  I've kept to my two thousand words a day goal so far.   Keep this up and I can finish before Thanksgiving, spend a little time editing  and finish NaNoWriMo in plenty of time.  Maybe this year I'll get both printed  and spiral bound so I can edit them.  Hubby's story is still way ahead of me on word count.

Koigu, where art thou?  I ordered my first ever skein of Koigu from Patternworks on Oct 29th and it arrived today.  The yarn comes with a free neckwarmer pattern which is better written than the pattern for the Patch of Berries scarf. Ordered colour 622, a red blend, it's a bit more pink than I was expecting, but I bought my first pink shirt this year.  Downloaded a bunch of free KnitPicks patterns last night, and put some in the shopping cart for another day.  No knitting except a bit of the Tiger sock.  It fits well, we checked on Sunday.  I love making toe up socks,  once you're past the heel you're almost done.  The hard stuff is over and it  looks like a sock.  There's no grafting, the only issue is making sure you  case off loosely.  I add extra backwards loop stitches in my cast off row and  that seems to work.

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