Odds and Coins

Does anyone have a California quarter they could mail me?  I'll mail back a Minnesota quarter, we have two of those.  This 50 State Quarters program is helping me learn my states.  I do know where California is, but those quarters haven't made it anywhere near me yet.  And what do you think of the new nickels?

One of my favourite stores is closing down June 18th.  Bye bye Inner Self.  They have a big sale going on.  I mention this because I've already nabbed all the stuff I like, it's your turn now.

I am not selling Hubby's Bearfoot socks.  End of discussion.  I just finished the heel on the first one.  Though I may start taking orders someday...

The KnitPicks Simple Stripes socks came through the wash intact, and a lot softer.  I'm happy with the results.  Under $8 for a decent pair of socks, plus a fair amount of yarn left over.

Organised the stash into "Untouched yarn" in the big file folder box, and "Yarn for the project I'm doing next" in a plastic bag.  The next project consists mainly of leftovers from other projects.  Suddenly I have a lot more space in my yarn closet.

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