Spellings and such

It's annoying when I get website feedback informing me that my spellings are all wrong.  Fact is, they're English spellings, not American.  I was born in England, did all my schooling in England, and I write my websites in English, not American English.  They are not the same language!

Picked up some Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille yarn to make one of these cuddle toys.  Which do you prefer?  Rabbit, bear, cat, or dog?  I have a raspberry coloured yard yarn.  (See that?  COLOUR, not color.)

Geocachers rock!  After spotting my plea for a California quarter, a generous soul offered to put one in a cache for me.  Unfortunately it's in New York, so I can't pick it up, but a co-worker had one in his loose change pot.  My collection is complete!

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