The price of socks

If these were my socks, I'd be doing the heel right about now.  They're not my socks, and I have a way to go yet.

Husband socks.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot is interesting stuff.  It shines.  Also there's an alarming tendency for stitches to jump off the needles and burrow down two rows before I know what they're up to.  It's also soft and warm, with a halo of mohair around the finished fabric.  The socks are for Hubby, his first hand-knit socks.

Got chatting to a couple of Knitting Guild ladies on a stall in the Loop.  We talked patterns and yarns for a bit, then got onto pricing for the socks they had for sale.  Given that the yarn usually runs at $12 or more for each pair of socks, and it takes a while to make them, what's a good price?  I loved the Harlot's idea of calculating the number of stitches and putting it on a tag with the socks ("please wash these twenty thousand hand-made stitches in warm water and do not tumble dry").  Fastest I've ever made took six days each sock, that's two weeks of work for a pair.  So what's reasonable to charge?

(No, I have no intention of selling Hubby's socks to the highest bidder, I'm just curious.)

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