Now, 16th January 2023

Thinking about
What are my career goals?
What do I want to achieve in the remainder of my work life?
What do I want to achieve outside of work?
Do I have to be in "go, Go, GO!" must-achieve mode?
What does rest and recreation look like?

After a marathon of writing 17 performance reviews in two weeks, I had a 3 day weekend, which will be followed by a Wednesday afternoon off, and a 4 day week. Thankful for time to recharge.

A new yarn shop is opening in St Louis close to where I live! We have lost a lot of yarn shops over the last few years and it's so good to see one opening up.

Fuzzy cats doing silly things at home, like climbing up a tall scratching post as if it is a tree.

"The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness" by Zindel V. Segal, John Teasdale, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams, which is highlighting the connection between mind and body and the ways you try and fight depression that make it worse.

Craft and Creating
Weaving with American Maid 3/2 cotton from Lunatic Fringe yarns, this is naturally coloured cotton in cream, brown, and green, where the colours will develop more after a wash in baking soda. Fascinated by the idea of cotton that grows its own colours.
This 9-patch shows the pure colours from top left to bottom right (warp and weft the same colour) with the variations in the other spots.

Knitted a hat with wool from the Rafter Seven sheep breed, a new breed on American and Australian sheep optimised for desert climate and hardiness. It's amazing to me that we are still selectively breeding sheep and creating new lines. I love trying wool from lesser-known breeds like Polypay, Babydoll Southdown, and Texel.

My blog is now moved over to Ghost, there's a list of tags you can browse, and I can write in Markdown and not fuss about the doing everything the WordPress Way. Thank goodness!

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