Karate family

Last night I went to the karate studio. I spent an hour practicing punches and kicks in group class, and an hour in sparring class. Last night I was part of a karate family, we were joking and exercising together, learning from our mistakes and having fun.

Last night, I saw a karate friend who was one of only two instructors I invited to be part of my black belt test. We sparred, laughing as we scored points on each other, him giving me tips and corrections, teasing each other and joking around. He is a nationally-ranked tournament fighter with exquisite control, speed, and natural athleticism, ten years or more my junior.

Last night I helped another friend, a lower-ranked student, practice her sparring in a safe space, letting her kick me with far less control than the black belts have, and not flinching, not yelling, allowing her to learn what it's like to face an opponent and know you won't get hurt. Allowing her the room to try and fail and try again and get better.

Last night was a blast!

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