NaNoWriMo planning

It's October now.  My novel idea has more shape, my good guy has a face, and a sidekick, and a couple of minor quests to pull off before she faces the bad guy.  I have a way to tell a bunch of back story and experiment with writing first person.  The cast is getting assembled and there's a serious amount of scribbling in my plot notebook.  I'm a few caramel latte's away from having it all sorted out.  I love this part of NaNo.  All is potential, and the grind of weeks two and three is a distant memory.  We start on a Saturday this year, which is perfect for racking up a serious head of steam.

The re-designed NaNoWriMo website is online.  For one month, I'll be almost an extrovert, going to weekly write-ins, posting in the regional forums, and encouraging the troops.  I still have the Word Wrangler's Pointy Stick from last year.

And the Eris cardigan I planned to wear to the NaNo kick off is not finished.  I have work to do...

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