Aquarium Day

The next day in Chicago was Aquarium day.  We took the blue line into the centre of town from the airport.  At least, we tried, there was a section of line closed so everyone was dumped off the train and onto shuttle buses to reach the next train.  After some walking around, we made it to Museum Campus and joined the line for the Shedd Aquarium.

The Oceanarium is closed until June 2009, but there was plenty else to keep us occupied.  There were some huge turtles, four foot long sharks, rays, electric eels (none of them went off), and huge crabs. But the star for me was the sea otter, because he was showing off and Hubby got video:

(More otter here)

I love otters!  When I was a child, we went to the Otter Trust (which was so successful it's now closed to the public and scaled back their breeding program), but there were no tanks you could see them swimming in, and this otter was swimming upside down, flipping off the glass wall of the tank, and gliding to the other end and flipping again.  He took a breath every few laps.

We wore out the boggle gland before we ran out of fish.  Two cultural experiences in one day would have been overload, so we trekked back to the hotel via train, bus, and car.  We'll see the T-Rex next time we're in Chicago.

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