I'd ordered the Fratello kit from Yarnissima on Sept 24th, thinking it would take a while to get here from the Netherlands.  It turned up on October 3rd, a mere nine days later, and packed with goodies:

Fratello sock kit.

It comes with a skein of coveted Wollmeise yarn in a rich brown, and some chocolate.  Quantum was very interested in the feather.  The pattern looks very detailed and it was all packaged like a gift.

The Fratello kit was still in stock on Friday, along with a couple of others.  I like the blue of the Spina di Pesce kit.  The yarn feels a lot like cotton and it smells like fruit, same as my other skein of Wollmeise.  Given the size of my feet, I'd have a LOT of yarn left over from a pair of socks, 574 yards is way more than most sock yarn skeins.

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