NaNoWriMo 2010: Week One

Week One of NaNoWriMo is wonderful.  Words flow, new friends are made, other regions are challenged, and all is sunshine and cookies and bluebirds.

Monday 1st
3238 words.  Wrote at lunchtime in the small conference room, another session after my karate lesson, and three 15 minute sprints with Carol after dinner at my place.  Quantum deigned to sit on the sofa with her as she wrote and we both got a lot done.  NaNoWriMo site utterly hosed, business as usual.

Tuesday 2nd
5309 words, 2071 today.  No lunchtime session, but doctor was over an hour late, wrote 1250 words while waiting for him.  Write-in at West County Mall in the cafe of Barnes and Noble, finished up my word count in good company with the Travelling Shovel of Death at my side.  You get some really odd looks for walking through a book store with a shovel.

Wednesday 3rd
8503 words, 3194 today. Posted an excerpt on my NaNoWriMo profile page, the site has recovered from the mammoth Day One load spike.  Lost a hundred words at lunch by accidentally saving my backup over the live document, more than made it up with four 15 minutes timed sprints after work.

Thursday 4th
9737 words, 1234 today.  Unproductive lunchtime session, only 532 words.  Working on chapter three of twelve, finished up at home after seeing the doctor (different doctor, this one tends to be on time).  Need some electroshock therapy research to write the next section.  Ahead of my personal goal, but annoyed at the unproductive day.

Friday 5th
12016 words, 2279 today.  It's Guy Fawke's Night!  825 words at lunch writing about electroconvulsive therapy.  Trying to make the boyfriend character a bit more likeable, but not too likeable.

Saturday 6th
13348 words, 1332 today.  Write-in at the Crooked Tree coffee house in St Charles, 10am-2pm.  641 words in 15 minutes in word war with Sam, doing her first novel this year.  Got there late because of yarn store closing sale, but stayed till 2pm.

Sunday 7th
16719 words, 3371 today.  Took advantage of the time change to write 1030 words before 8am, hoping to write 3k today.  Official write-in at Central Bread Co, 2-4pm was well attended.

After the sunshine of Week One comes the concrete-covered slog of Week Two...

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