Abandoned knits

My personal rule for National Novel Writing Month is no knitting until the word count is done for the day.  I normally knit at lunchtime, in November this becomes one of my writing sessions instead.  I try and write 2000 words a day and I work better if I write, take a break, then write again.  You can track my progress on my profile on the NaNoWriMo site.  All this writing means these projects are on hiatus until December:

Eris cardigan (Ravelry project)
Hemmed and glorious, just waiting for a couple of sleeves, a zip, and some blocking.  I finished the hem on Oct 30th, tried it on, and it's a little big around the bust and a bit longer than I'd planned.  I'm finishing it because it's gorgeous, but I'll be re-taking my measurements before I make another sweater.

Slayer socks (Ravelry project)
Toe up gusset heel with a simple rib pattern and a rolled top.  These are my "I don't want to think" socks.  One is done, the second is at the heel, which is the one part where you have to think about it.

Larix shawl (Ravelry project)
Larix is a non-triangular, non-lace shawl that I'm making with Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga yarn.  The colour is called Giant Stick Insect, it's green with a hint of grey, soft and lovely with a tiny amount of cashmere.  The pattern uses twisted stitches and panels of stocking stitch.  Got through the setup chart, chart A, and the first repeat of chart B before November 1st.  Did a few rows on the first weekend of November because I made my word count.

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