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Big Life Drama = blog silence.  And as dramas go, this one is a doozy.  Have had no spare brainpower to think, let alone write.  Good stuff is happening, and the dust will settle in a couple of months.

I'll be in Memphis next week for company training.  Possibly another blogless week.

Deliberately forsook spinning and knitting in preparation for my citizenship  fingerprinting, knowing last time it took way too many retakes to get a decent print of my worn fingertips, and what happens?  Flawless digital print-capture, no mention of worn prints, and no re-takes.  The nice lady said they were wrong to blame me for the smudging last time.  Now to swot up for the civics test X months from now (where X is an unknown number).

Anne Hanson released the pattern for Maplewing this week, a Faroese shawl knit in laceweight yarn that has a gentle curve around the bottom.  Triangular shawls scream "Hey!  Look at the butt!  She has a butt!  And it's right here, just follow the big friendly lace knit arrow!  BUTT!"  which is plain rude of them.  I had been planning to knit Sivia Harding's Waves in the Square in fingering weight yarn, which also lacks the pointy butt-arrow part, and has beads and shoulder shaping,.  Now I have a shawl dilemma about which to make first, and I can't knit either of them until I finish Eris.  No, I hadn't forgotten my lovely cabled cardigan, just got distracted.   And the Big Life Drama ensures that distraction will continue for several months.

Chris Needlecraft at Olive and 141 is shutting down, which is a sad thing, and I feel bad for grabbing a bunch of stuff in the 30% off closing sale.  I've been eyeing up the Artyarns Ultramerino 4 and the Muench Touch Me for years, and now it's mine.  But I wish the circumstances were better.  I'll miss you, Chris and Wayne.

Finally nailed down a premise for our post-NaNo shared world, with huge help from Jim.  This one has definite potential and I have a story idea that will fit in nicely.  My story is all angst and sad.  Haven't tried to write sad before, should be an interesting experiment.  When I tried to write Chick Lit, it came out very depressing, maybe deliberately writing sad will come out as comedy.  Really hoping some of the others actually write something.

Polwarth wool on the spinning wheel, Dorset fibre just arrived from Spunky Eclectic, thinking what I can make from 10oz of handspun Targhee, and planning to order some of Susan's Jacob.  Never imagined I'd be this interested in different breeds of sheep!  Also, how did I spin 3.5oz of yarn from 4oz of fibre?

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