Maizy monkey

Picked up a couple of balls of Crystal Palace Maizy because I was curious.  It is 82% corn fibre and 18% elastic nylon.  The label says you can machine wash the socks without turning them into popcorn, but I will test this for you.  All part of the service!

Maizy is made like Crystal Palace Panda Cotton, it has eight loosely plied strands, so it's a bit splitty.  It does need a bit of attention to make sure you catch all the plies and it squeaks on my metal needles.  Just a little squeak once in a while.  The sock feels light and airy, I'm hoping these will be fun spring/autumn socks (you don't wear socks in St Louis in the summer).  The pattern is a modified version of Monkey, which I've made before.

Maizy monkeys and a bag.

The sock is resting on my new knitting bag from Knittiotherapy, an Etsy seller in London.  I wanted something that would remind me of spring and Sue was kind enough to do a custom order for me.  This is one of the few knitting bags I found that has an interior pocket and will hold a pattern folded in half.  Shipping from England only took 5 days and she sent some Maltesers (like Whoppers but nicer) with it.  I love Malteasers.

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