I destashed some yarn on Ravelry last month and I'm down to just the things I like.   Yarn clubs are not for me, and the impulse purchases are gone now.  I picked up a few interesting things in their place:


Lovesticks BFL fingering yarn  in Redwood.  I have too much green sock yarn, so I'm branching out a little.  This is  darker than I was expecting but nicely shaded, and it feels soft and tightly spun.  I love the feel of BFL, but it's not all that common a yarn.

4oz of black Shetland locks from The Flying Ewe. There's vegetable matter still in it, but I think it will be fun to spin.  Wool locks are as close as I want to get to a raw fleece, someone else can take care of the skirting and washing part.  I  have a dog slicker brush acting as a flick carder to open up the locks.

Lime and Violet Mermaid yarn in Desert Cactus.  Snagged this in a Loopy Ewe Sneak Up, and it was flagged  "Popular item right now" when I checked out, it was all gone in a couple of days.  The yarn is an 80/20 wool and nylon blend that feels squishy, not stringy, and it's not my usual colours.  Something about the orange and dark pink pulled me in.

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