Looking forwards - 2012 resolutions

I achieved most of my 2011 resolutions this year.  I resolved not to stab anyone in 2011 and managed this one, though there were some very worthy candidates.

In knitting, I finished knitting the Eris cardigan, though I still need to block it and install a zipper, which is scary as I've never done it (the zipper, not the blocking).  I knit something with Wollmeise and discovered I do not like knitting with Wollmeise.  It's hard, feels stringy, and twists up on itself in an annoying way.  I destashed all the Wollmeise I had, leaving just one skein I'd already wound up.

In karate, I did not compete in at least one karate tournament, but I did get my kenpo green belt.  I'd like to get my 3rd degree brown belt this year.

For 2012, I'd like to finish my trilogy of novels and maybe even start editing them.  I'd like to bake bread with Hubby, walk by the ocean, knit up the stashed yarn, make pretty and useful things, and give them to people who will use or appreciate them.  And not stab anyone.  Happy New Year, hope 2012 is a good one.

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