Larix and the Winter Carrots

Wouldn't that title be a cool name for a band?  It's actually my two knitted objects in progress:

Larix shawl
Started on October 30th, I joined the second skein of Sanguine Gryphon's Skinny Bugga yarn on December 7th, and this shawl is currently at 11 repeats of the 12 row pattern, and around 400 stitches a row.  The shawl reaches from my neck to my elbow and may be my perfect "it's too cold in the office" shawl/lap blanket.

Larix shawl.

The pattern is easily memorised and I like the semi-circle shape.  I'm planning to start the garter stitch border in the middle of a repeat for symmetry.  I believe I have at least a couple more repeats worth of yarn to go, the designer got 14 repeats with this amount of yarn.  Not sure how you block a semi-circular shawl because this is my first.

Winter Carrot socks
Made with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Carrot, these are bright socks to chase the grey away.  I've given away two pairs of socks with this yarn and I've wanted to use it for me for ages.  Toe up socks let me use as much yarn as I like, ribbing will hide calf shaping, and the mirrored cables please my inner symmetry freak.  The other sock will have the cables going in the opposite direction.

Winter Carrot socks.

The yarn came from the closing down sale at Knitty Couture.  Winterhart noticed I have a lot of orange in my yarn stash, I hadn't realised how much until I set Ravelry to display stash by colour and saw all nine skeins of yarn together.  Apparently I like orange, and also assembling patterns as I go along from my favourite components.

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