FO: Orwell Bridge Scarf

This is my second attempt at this scarf, and I'm happy with it now.  I have one more to make and then I'll release the pattern, I need "work in progress" pictures.

Orwell bridge scarf.

Pattern: My own design: Orwell Bridge Scarf
Yarn: Great Northern Yarns 100% yak DK
Needles: US4 and US3
Duration: 10th December to 15th December
Ravelry project: Orwell Bridge scarf

The yarn is interesting.  I got the undyed colour, which is a rich dark chocolate.  It's made up of several plies and it feels waxy or oily with some kind of chemical smell.  It's not major and it's not enough to put me off using it or getting it again.  The label says it needs washing to make it bloom.  Before washing, it's a heavy fingering weight thickness.  I wrapped the scarf around my hand as I was working, and it was warm.  The yarn can be snapped by hand but it's sturdy, even with my vicious gauge.  It took three sinks of water to get the dirt out and after washing it felt much softer.

The scarf needed light blocking after its wash in Eucalan.  I used two wires to widen it slightly, and knitting needles to hold the ends in place.  I blocked it out lengthways a little.  I ended up frogging out the end of the previous version of this scarf to lengthen it slightly and I like the result.  Pattern measurements were adjusted slightly based on these two scarves.

Orwell Bridge Scarf projects.

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