2011 Resolutions

I resolve not to stab anyone in 2011.  Despite many worthy candidates, this was a resolution I kept in 2010.

Two knitting resolutions for 2011: finish the Eris cardigan (2 sleeves to go) and knit something with Wollmeise.  Eris sleeves are going to be improvised because I don't want them to be floppy, or too loose, or too tight.  I have a skein of gorgeous Wollmeise in Maus Jung waiting to be a pretty lace scarf, and two skeins in Kurbis set aside for a shawl.  One of those projects will come to light in 2011.

I want to compete in at least one karate tournament and get my karate green belt next year.  The tournament this year was such a fabulous day, and if an introvert like me can get up in front of strangers and do a kata, I can do anything.  I don't have a weapons kata yet (using my sais), that's the next milestone.

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