2010 Resolutions, the results

I made a few resolutions for 2010 though I wasn't too stressed about achieving them:

I resolve not to stab anyone in 2010.
Achieved!  Came close a few times, but I made it through.  Practicing kata in the basement helps with the whole "not stabbing" thing.

I'm going to finish the Eris cardigan.
Not achieved, but I only have the sleeves to go now.  I'm really motivated to finish this because I want to wear it, it's cold outside.  I have two more cardigans planned and yarn purchased, but I won't start them until the sleeves of Eris are done.

I'll only knit for people who appreciate knitted gifts.
Achieved!  There are few things more demoralising than putting time and energy and care into knitting a gift that is wholly unappreciated.  This year I knit for eight different people, all of whom I'd knit for again.

I'm going to finish, edit, then get a hard copy of my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel.
Not achieved, but I might put this in Scrivener for the edit as the first part of a "multiple universes" series.  That makes two novels in a row with similar themes and settings.

Go to the gym once a week.
Not achieved.  I had some injuries this year, plus a surgery that kept me out of the karate studio for 2 months.  Still working up to my old level of activity.

Do Long 2 kata in a tournament without having a complete meltdown.
Achieved!  I competed in a tournament in March and won my division, even though there were only two of us in it.  It was an awesome day!  At the end-of-year school  tournament I was called out as someone who'd "faced my fears" and done a competition, which felt wonderful.

Get my karate blue belt.
Achieved!  Got this in August and I'm working on green belt stuff now.  Green is the fourth belt of eight in our school.  I'm also working on getting back into sparring after a knee injury, a popped hamstring, and surgery.

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