Tweets for December 1st to December 15th

  • People should be allowed to go home if they run out of brain before they run out of day.
  • Spreading the joy of Yorkshire Gold tea through the office, one cup at a time.
  • Hit any outsourced programmer to continue... (why yes, they did monumentally break the build last night, how can you tell?)
  • Knitting the perfect mink/cashmere neck scarf for a windy day, I could get used to this pattern designing lark.
  • Sudden urge for British flapjacks. Baked them, waiting for the timer to go "Ding, I have your delicious treat right here!"
  • Flapjacks devoured.  My team are a bunch of gannets.
  • How does -8C in St Louis feel warmer than -4C did in Guildford UK? -8C doesn't feel that bad.
  • Words you don't want to hear in the office #437: "I've got a shotgun you can borrow."
  • Is there a 12 step group for the USPS Track & Confirm website? I may have a problem...
  • Molasses graham bread a complete and yummy success. House is bread-scented for @psh to come home to.
  • Pauli exclusion principle: if there's already a car (subatomic particle) in the space (orbital) you want, YOU CAN'T GO THERE. Learn it!
  • It is warmer in the server room (66F/18C) than my cube. Something is seriously wrong. Wearing a hat indoors for warmth.

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