Tweets for December 16th to December 31st

  • SO glad I parked way the heck away from everyone else, a car skidded over the slope & landed on another car.  AAA attempting a rescue...
  • Happened in the parking lot at work. No apparent injuries.
  • Tipping the yarn stash on the floor so I can go play in it.  It's been THAT fun of a day.
  • 3 credit cards, 3 fraudulent charges, and the only common factor is AT&T Auto Pay.  They're not getting another credit card from us.
  • If you speed up sections of Book Set kata, it looks like cheesy 70s disco moves.  May never be able to get through it with a straight face.
  • Shortest day of the year is today, December 21st, the Winter Solstice.  Days get longer and hopefully sunnier after this.
  • People ask if I'm flying home for Christmas.  I am home.  America is home, St Louis is home, this is my country too.
  • You know you're on vacation when you have to look at the computer clock (on the awesome NEW MacBook!) to figure out the day.

The tweet in red was my 1000th tweet.  Happy New Year 2011, may it not suck.

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