Recipe: Kedgeree

I had a recipe book on the counter while I was making kedgeree Monday night and what I made bore no resemblance to the book, the recipe's been wildly modified.  So this recipe is my version of kedgeree.  It's comfort food, feel-good food, Anglo-Indian food.  You can read about the history of the dish at Great British Kitchen, and they have a more traditional kedgeree recipe in their cookbook.  Well worth visiting.

Kedgeree a lá Hawke
  • Enough fish for two people, smoked if you can get it.
  • two eggs or four egg whites
  • one box of mushrooms
  • two bell peppers
  • two large carrots
  • one onion
  • one cup of rice
  • curry seasoning
Put a teaspoon of curry powder into a saucepan with the rice, and boil.  This is your timer for the rest of the meal.  Start cooking madly now.  Put the carrots on to boil.
If you have smoked fish, poach it in milk until it can be easily flaked.  Put the fish aside and dispose of the milk.  Do not let your cats drink the milk, it'll only come back up.  If you have unsmoked fish, fry it in Cajun seasoning (or whatever you prefer, Herbes de Provence would probably work) until it's cooked and flaky.Fry the mushroom, onion, and pepper together.

Put the fish and vegetables together in a really big pan, and keep them warm.

Scramble and cook the eggs, break into small chunks and add to the fish mixture.
Drain the carrots and add to the big pan.  Drain the rice, but do not rinse.  Add rice to everything else.  Stir well and serve.

This makes a large amount of food, at least enough for four in my opinion.  Serve with good bread.

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