This is so wrong I don't have words to describe it.

From: Hubby

Date: Tuesday November 16th

I have the *perfect* carrot on the end of a stick for you for reaching 40,000 words (7229 words from now, according to your blog, so, 4 days hence...)BUFFY SEASON 7.

If for some reason you don't make 40000, I still have the receipt from Best Buy and I may have to make use of it... :)
The box set of DVDs is still sealed and will remain so until you're over the hump ... which is painful for me too, so if Buffy itself isn't motivating just think of your poor hubby pining away for the show.

I have seven thousand two hundred and twenty nine words to write.  I can't believe he did that!  I want my Buffy.

(PS: Hubby gave me permission to post that email.)

(PPS: Four thousand seven hundred and fifteen words to go now.)

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