BBC News: Doctor Who dog K9 gets spin-off.

Doctor Who's robotic dog K9 is to get its own TV spin-off featuring a mixture of live action and computer animation.  Children's TV channel Jetix Europe is joining forces with former Doctor Who designer Paul Tams and K9 co-creator Bob Baker for the 26-instalment series.  Baker, co-writer of the Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit feature film, said he was "delighted to be giving K-9 a new lease of life and a new look".  The original K9 appeared on Doctor Who between 1977 and 1981.  He subsequently appeared in a 1981 one-off show, K9 and Company, and 1983 special The Five Doctors.

K9 is annoying, but you have to like him.  He'll be in a season 2 episode along with Sarah Jane.  And we still don't have the US-encoded DVD season 1...

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