Wheel spin

Louet S10 ST, you are a harsh mistress.  Jolly nice spinning wheel, very simple look, but she is kicking me around the room.  The yarn I spin on the wheel is thinner than on the spindle.  Much thinner, to the point of breaking.  And viciously over-twisted.  But fun!  Carol, spinning teacher and fountain of patience, suggested starting a spinning session with a glass of wine.  We three students ran into a little trouble trying to spin and breathe at the same time, let alone spinning and talking, but it got easier.  My hands gave out after two hours, like I'd been playing flute for too long, one of those complex pieces by a dead white European with too many sharps.

Joining on the wheel was harder than the spindle, but I think my drafting is much better.  The wheel feels a lot faster, I think I got half a bobbin done including the dithering and floundering time.  We have to spin 2 bobbins this week, and next week we'll ply them, talk about carding, and spin some unwashed fleece.  And give the wheel back, but I'm trying not to think about that part.  Came out of class grinning like a maniac and feeling like a real spinner.

I'm keeping my first spindle-spun yarn, the first spindle plied yarn, and the first wheel yarn as examples.  Anything I produce in future cannot be worse than this.  But the second lot of wheel spun?  I might have plans for that...

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