Spinners, where do you get roving from?  By the end of this week I'll be through my 8oz bag of Coopworth from Copper Moose and I'm wondering what to get next.  Can I try Merino this time, or should I stick to another sheep?  I've seen Wensleydale roving but that just makes me think of Wallace and Gromit ("Cracking toast, Gromit!").  I'd like something that's easy to spin on a spindle, earth tones and autumn colour blends would be great, and not overly expensive.

My second ball of wheel-spun singles is much better than the first. More even, less breaks, fewer vanishingly thin sections and chunky slubs.  Figured out how to make a better join, and the thickness is getting more consistent.  Still a little hard on the hands after an hour of spinning, but soothing.  Cats have neither attacked the wheel, nor tried to eat the roving.  Life is good.

Wheel spun and a sock.

One more ball to spin for plying on Saturday and this might be usable yarn.  The Louet S10 wheel goes back to the barn this weekend and I will miss it (spinning classes are held in a converted barn, the yarn store is in the upper level of a restored 1880s house, you have to see it if you're in town).  I think I've got the hang of the basic principles, I just need to practise.  It would be really nice if I had a wheel of my own...

Lest you think knitting has gone by the wayside, I'm almost done with the first sock of Hubby's second pair, which is my lunchtime project. Hopefully these will be spring socks, finished just in time for summer. This is the last pair of my sock marathon (mother-in-law, father-in-law, mother, and husband), and the thirteenth pair I've made.

Yarn Harlot's in town tonight!

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