Ice Age

Saw "Ice Age" last night with Pat and Jodi.  Great film, shame about the mass infestation of pre-teens who think it's acceptable behaviour to talk ALL THROUGH THE FILM.  And applaud at random moments.  Why?  What's the point, other than irritating everyone else in the theatre?

Jodi introduced us to the term "prostetots," meaning pre-teens dressed like hookers and thinking it's cool.  It was below freezing last night, and these kids were wandering around in t-shirts, probably because coats weren't cool enough to wear.  Me, I'll keep warm, and to heck with making a fashion statement.  They were plastered with really obvious makeup too.

The term "sucktacular," meaning spectacularly bad, as in the case of the movie "Cats and Dogs," is another Jodi-ism for which we are truly grateful.

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