Monday Mission

The PromoGuy dot Net Monday Mission 2.12.

  1. What helps you get started every morning?
    Breakfast.  Without breakfast I'm tetchy and irritable.  And probably irritating too.
  1. What is the most memorable thing anyone has ever made for you?
    Hubby planned a trip to San Diego for our wedding anniversary.  5th August 1999 was a carefully planned day.  We drove out to Legoland in a red Pontiac Sunfire and spent the whole day acting like little kids, it was wonderful.  In the evening we went on a dinner cruise, all dressed up, two and a half hours sailing around the bay.  He requested Whitney Housten "I will always love you" from the DJ for me, and we danced.
  1. What music are you currently listening to in your car?
    One CD of coding music made up of free stuff downloaded from  Rebecca St James "Pray," Seal's second CD (imaginatively titled "Seal"), the soundtrack CD from "Earth: Final Conflict," Delirious "Glo" and Vanessa Mae "Subject to Change."
  1. One thing I like to do is buy USA Today on Wed, Thur and Fri. Even if I don't have the money, I will find a way to buy them, because I just love reading them. What is one "splurge" you allow yourself, even when you shouldn't?
    I have more lip balm than any one person should own, but I'm trying to cut back.  I can stop any time I want, really.
  1. Have you ever been given a "second chance?" What happened and did you make the most of it?
    When my appendix burst and the good old NHS took four and a half days before taking it out, when they sent me home to die of peritonitis on my own turf, and I recovered, that was my second chance.  Since then I've moved to a new country, learnt a new programming language, started making my own jewelry, and started writing, all new things.
  1. Do you have a lot of friends outside of your own ethnic background?
    Since I'm British, all my American friends are outside my national background, likewise my friend Olof from Iceland, the Canadians I work with on t-zero, and the Australians and Indians I've taught HTML.
  1. What was the last situation that really, really pissed you off?
    When people on the CDP message boards started ripping into the admin for trying to make the place run smoothly, people turned around and kicked us for providing a service they'd been using, that had been helping a whole lot of people, someone started spreading malicious rumours and outright lies about us, and we watched it all disintegrate and fall apart because of two or three problem users.  Only a very few users (out of 70+ active user accounts) bothered to thank us for two years of 24/7 effort in keeping the message boards online.  That whole mess was very ugly.
  1. Bonus: Who's your friend when things get rough?
    Hubby, no question.  The amount of stuff we've been through together surprises a lot of people who hear the edited highlights.

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