Friday Five

The Friday Five.

<li><b>What is your favourite time of year?</b>


<li><b>What is it about your favourite season that, well, makes it your favourite season?</b>

<br>It's warm enough to be nice outside and not need a coat, and the shops don't set the AC on arctic.  The humidity doesn't feel like someone dropped a hot, wet blanket on you the moment you venture outside the AC zone.</li>

<li><b>What is your least favourite time of year? Why?</b>

<br>Winter, because it means scraping ice off the car, frozen fingers and toes, slipping on ice, snow storms, and temperatures far below freezing.</li>

<li><b>Do you do anything to celebrate or recognize the changing of seasons?</b>

<br>When the leaves fall, I look for all the huge houses you can't see any other time of the year.</li>

<li><b>What's your favourite thing to do outside?</b>

<br>Walk along the beach hand in hand with Hubby (not easy to do in Missouri).  Sitting in the park with a good book, curled up on a blanket with Hubby.</li>

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