Hot or Not?

Now you can rate blogs based on a mere second's thought (if that), or rate them all a 3 before they even load.  Is Quantum Tea hot or not?  (But all the herd is moving that way Mummy, please can I go with them?)

But surely a blog that's not hot is a cool blog, therefore score matters not.  Like Yoda, talking am I, mm?  It it content you're looking for?  Pretty pictures?  Smart design?  Someone using a different template to the last thirty blogs you rated?  Someone that can use capital letters and punctuation?  Someone you know?  Someone you really dislike but seems to pop up every time you go to rate a blog?

What are you looking for in a blog?  What should a blog be?  Please tell me so I can make some pretense of listening, before I ignore what everyone thinks and carry on like I've been doing so far.

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