The Google Report

Swiped the code to display the last 30 searches that arrived somewhere on this site, and put it here.  There are some very strange people out there, searching for worrying things.  "Lavender brew" sounds nasty, but several searches about the correct way to make and brew tea have ended up here.  Big hint: boil the water, then pour it into the mug containing the tea bag.

Searches for our real estate agent and the chap we dealt with at the mortgage bank have also arrived.  The list of town names from 7th June 2002 is catching a whole pile of people.  Jext and JEdit, two java editor programs, appear a lot, because I was comparing their GUI designs.  And I can tell which of the artists I listen to have been out egosurfing.

But I can't explain the "creating a fake date of birth" one, or "female using iPaq as mirror," or "church of scientology LA decorating."  You're a strange lot out there.  See for yourselves.

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