Hard knitting

In show 50 of the Sticks and String podcast, David Reidy talked about tackling a hard project.  One you weren't sure you could do, one that would be a real achievement to complete.  I picked up the pattern for Eunny Jang's Anemoi mittens recently.  They're beautiful.  But I've never done a project with colour work, just a few swatches.  And I don't know the cast on.  And my knitting tension makes guitar strings look limp and relaxed.  But I want to make them.

As a baby step, I'm going to make Elizabeth Zimmerman's Very Warm Hat, which is a reversible hat with a little colour work.  I'm going to put a different colour pattern in there.  The Shedir hat I made is just a smidge too short and this one would be an achievement as well as a training exercise.  Picked up some Rowan Cocoon from Knitty Couture to make it.

The weather didn't get above freezing today, the kind of cold that bites into you and makes your nose ache.  I'm going to need a warm hat.   It was perfect weather for watching the chap from Ice Visions make ice sculptures in the Loop, the examples along the street were fantastic.  I loved the tree, the polar bear drinking beer, and the Fitz's root beer bottle.  But it was way too cold to stand around for long.

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