Not dead, just preoccupied

Started a pair of socks using Classic Elite Alpaca Sox.  The yarn is wonderfully soft  with great colours, but I hated knitting with it. Hated it!  It has two very loosely plied strands that come apart at the slightest touch, it's thinner than regular sock yarn, and I wasn't having any fun with it.

A quick stash-dive brought up some Fiesta Baby Boom, which is wonderful!  This is a  six strand yarn (three two-ply strands), velvety-soft with rich colours.  This yarn rarely splits and it feels great to work with.  I'm using the Mochachino colour and putting in cables along the foot.

Boom socks and spindle.

I got a Golding RingSpindle last week, 0.9 oz with cherry whorl and a walnut shaft.   It is smaller than I expected, and the shaft is short with lengthwise grooves.  Pulled out a lock of CVM and spun the thinnest single I've ever produced, and the thing spun forever!  Love the spindle, just need to decide what to spin on it.

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