Mad Hatter

Started the Very Warm Hat on Sunday.  My first attempt was ripped out because the floats were too loose, ironic given my normal bulletproof tension.  On the second attempt, I wove the carried yarn in every other stitch, and it's going much better.  I  felt almost obligated to tweak the pattern after reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Around.

Very Warm Hat with Greek key pattern.

I'm using a Greek key design that I found on a British website.  There are also sections on mazes, Celtic knots, and mosaics, all of which would be great for colourwork patterns.

I know it's not perfect.  Some of the colour changes are too loose, some too tight, but it's my hat, and it's got two colours.  I did it!  The first colourwork I did was two little pieces that were supposed to be pulse warmers from Interweave Knits Winter 2004 issue.  One was too small, the other never got finished.  But this hat could work!


Finished the hat!

Finished hat.

Skipped the lining and just added a roll brim.  It fits, it's long enough, I love it!

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