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Lipmedic International Lip Balm Boutique, link via Kat.  If you had any idea how many lip balms I've sent through the washer, you'd be getting shares in this place.

Charlotte's Web is beautiful, but it's a shawl.  I'm not going to knit one, not even a cute poncho version.  I'm just not a shawl person, it's fish and bicycles.  Though apparently, Swedish Elk steal bicycles.

Electric hedge trimmers are wonderful.  It's the closest thing I own to a chainsaw and I love it.  The forsythia never stood a chance, or the conifers.  Next up is the honeysuckle and whatever that green stuff is on the back fence.   Now if I can just shake the muscle ache from Saturday's yard work...  One yard down, one to go.

Fiona Bag is temporarily on hold while I work on something purple and time-sensitive.  Finished the purple New Zealand wool Sherman socks on Sunday afternoon, they are wonderfully warm and comfy.  Immediately cast on this new purple thing onto the same needles.  My one and only pair of Brittany Birch needles, and they've never seen anything non-purple.  Purple, purple, purple.  Lion Brand Microspun purple to be exact, it splits like a six-stranded splitty thing for the cast on but is mostly wonderful after that.  Very soft and squishy.

Atlantis may have been on the coast of Spain, and not actually an island at all, according to a BBC News story: Satellite images 'show Atlantis'.

A scientist says he may have found remains of the lost city of Atlantis.  Satellite photos of southern Spain reveal features on the ground appearing to match descriptions made by Greek scholar Plato of the fabled utopia.  Dr Rainer Kuehne thinks the "island" of Atlantis simply referred to a region of the southern Spanish coast destroyed by a flood between 800 BC and 500 BC.

I'm starting to design knitting patterns a little.  It's like learning to cook.  First I had recipes I followed to the letter.  Then I made substitutions, less garlic, more bacon, what if I did this with fish instead of chicken.  Finally you get to the cupboard and spontaneously invent something based on a handful of couscous, a bell pepper that's seen better days, some mushrooms, a can of salmon, and some coconut milk.  I'm at the substitution stage with knitting patterns.  Feels good.

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