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Dr Who praised at TUC conference.

Writers have praised BBC One hit sci-fi series Doctor Who at the TUC annual conference in Brighton, in a call for more funding for UK TV productions.  It showed there was "still an audience for quality family entertainment", the Writers' Guild of Great Britain said.  The union said there was no substitute for "well-resourced, home-grown drama and comedy material written, performed and produced in the UK".  But member Hugh Stoddart criticised the BBC for what he called "damaging cuts".

I love Doctor Who.  The first episode I remember was where Tom Baker changed into Peter Davison, it was confusing but I couldn't wait for the next episode, Castrovalva, with the Zero Room.  I stuck with it through all of Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann's TV movie (watched at Mark and Rachel's house in Guildford over Bamboo Garden takeout), and where oh where are the DVDs of Christopher Eccleston?  Sylvester McCoy is still my favourite doctor, he played a version of the theme tune with spoons on the "Worlds of Doctor Who" CD.

I'm starting to panic about my NaNoWriMo plot, I don't think I have enough story to get my Stargate SG-1 season 8 DVDs.  Once you hit 35,000 words it's all a downhill slope, the last 15,000 isn't so hard.  I have some interesting characters lined up, and a sticky situation to solve, but I need to fill in the gaps, write down the plot, all the prep work I did last year had evolved over a few years.  Now I have six weeks to hammer out the plot for a sequel and I'm afraid it won't be nearly as non-dreadful as the first.

Keep this up every year and I could write a whole library by the time I die!

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