Knit one, dream two

Got a new Knit Picks catalog and a new Patternworks catalog recently.  Must resist temptation!  Why don't these places sell blocks of uninterrupted time to go with the yarn and patterns?

Figured out why I seem to have so much yarn for Faina's scarf.  Pattern asked for 450 yards of yarn.  My yarn comes in 150 metre skeins, of which I have three (plus one for insurance that isn't would, but we're not mentioning that one.  Besides, I have the receipt and I'll take it back when I'm done with the scarf.  I will, honestly!).  Therefore, I have a grand total of 492 yards, which explains why that one skein is going so far.  I think I can do the whole scarf in two skeins, which leaves one lonely skein (plus the insurance skein, plus the purple one I got to practice lace on and failed dismally).  I'm nearly halfway on the scarf, row 118 of the second pattern repeat is next.

The Prairie shawl is coming on nicely, I'm back on the tan colour after two pale pink skeins.  Still liking the Blue Sky Worsted hand dyed, lovely drape and warmth, but because of the splitty yarn I've had to rip back several times to collect an errant strand that escaped being knit.  The colour changed ever so slightly light to dark as you go, it looks good.  Looking forward to this being finished so I can wear it and get back to knitting some socks.  I really like having a pair of socks in progress, it's a perfect lunchtime project.  Not that I have the yarn, needles, and pattern all picked out for the next two pairs or anything...

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