Knit Club

I only got two rows of knitting done on my Prairie Shawl on Saturday, but I did teach Terri how to knit and purl, how to fix a dropped knit and purl stitch, how to recognise which is which, and a few different ways of holding needles and yarn.  She did really well, I love teaching and seeing the light bulb go on as people get it.  I have a set of "training needles" (one red and one yellow) and worsted acrylic yarn I use on newbies, and that works well.

Someone (several someones) said I should be teaching.  What's the best way of finding people who want to pay you for private knitting lessons?  I have a  pretty good idea what I'm doing, taught myself basic lace, stranded two-colour  knitting, socks, cables, and how to fix most mistakes I see or

make.  One yarn store I know well offers their own group classes on Saturday afternoons, the other two don't have anything formal set up.  I could get fliers out there, maybe on the community bulletin board at Panera Bread Company too.  Has anyone tried this?  Did it work?

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