FO: Marcasite Mead Scarf

Made it to the end of the yarn, so the scarf must be done, the first finished object of 2009:

Mead Scarf in Marcaste

Pattern: Mead Scarf by Elizabeth Morrison

Yarn: yarn lust All That Glitters in Marcasite

Needles: US3 Brittany Birch

Duration: January 1st to January 30th

I'd thought the 2% silver would make the yarn itchy but it's not, though the sparkle is next to impossible to photograph.  It's been hard to knit shades of grey when outside everything is grey.  Thankfully there's been some sun this week.  This is a really easy lace pattern but it needs some aggressive blocking to make it lie flat and open up the zigzags.  I went up a needle size from the pattern because I have ruinous tension and it worked out nicely.

The Philly Cowl is waiting for a button band, but I have some buttons for it from the Weaving department at Myers House.  Went there last Saturday and hung out for a while chatting with Nancy.  Visited all three of my regular yarn stores that weekend, picked up a circular in Chris Needlecraft on the way home, and took Emily to Knitty Couture last Friday to start her on a wool-free hat.  Happily she's not allergic to alpaca.

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