Snow day

I am lucky enough to be able to work from home when the roads are impassable.  Lots of snow yesterday evening and I don't think my little hatchback would make it out there.  The Missouri Department of Transport is suggesting people stay home till the roads are clear.  We picked up pizza last night and I felt for the delivery guys.  In bad weather, everyone orders pizza, but someone still has to deliver it.  Driving back we were doing about 15mph.

Last year there were days when I thought I wasn't going to get home from work because of snow and ice.  There are a lot more hills than I thought between home and work and the highway was still closed.  One of the days I got on the highway just past where a lorry had jack-knifed, blocking all three lanes, and made it partway home following a snow plough.  There were three places where I got stuck and didn't think I'd get moving again.  A Mustang was sliding sideways across the road at Clayton and Brentwood because it couldn't make the hill, I got stuck when the lights changed and was spinning my wheels to get free, it was scary.  This year, I'm a coward about driving in the snow.

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