Finding history

BBC News: School wall yields historic items.

A unique piece of local history has been discovered in the wall of a local primary school in Gravesend, Kent.  A bottle containing artefacts from the day in 1893 when building work on Wrotham Road School finished was dug out by workmen building an extension.  Coins, letters from the architect, and copies of two local newspapers had all been buried beneath its memorial stone.  Head teacher Jenny Hetherington said they would be reburied by the pupils along with some modern equivalents.  "We're hoping to re-use the memorial stone and add our new memorial stone from this phase of the work.  The children are writing their own time capsules, and this time we're going to add photographs," she said.

I love the idea of time capsules.  If I made one, I'd include a miniature knitted sock, some English Breakfast teabags in an air-tight tin, and a pair of 16 gauge titanium earrings, along with the usual coins and newspapers.  What would you put in your time capsule?

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