Upcoming yarn

I was prowling the SWTC website, and they have a whole bunch of interesting looking yarns coming out besides the Tofutsies.  These ones caught my eye:

  • Craft, 35% milk Fiber, 65% organic cotton, 5.5 sts/in on US 6 needles (4mm)
  • Rock, 40% soysilk, 30% wool, 30% hemp, 5 sts/in on US 7 needles (4.5mm)
  • Love, 30% silk 70% bamboo, 5 sts/in on US 7 needles (4.5mm)
  • Inspiration 50% soysilk 50% alpaca, 5.5 sts/in on US 5 needles (3.75mm)
  • Twize 100% corn fiber, 5 sts/in on US 7 needles (4.5mm)

The idea of milk fibre is intriguing, and the hemp blend yarns from DZined were good to work with.  Twize is at Myers House and I've been wondering about using it for some kind of small shawl or wrap.

One of the Tofutsies socks is done now, and I like the results.  It'll be a good pair of light socks for spring, I did it as an ankle sock.  I like the all-over lace look, but I need to have something mindless on the needles at the same time just in case.  Normally socks are my comfort knitting and I have to think about this lace.  Elfine is a good pattern though, like how it's turned out.

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