Eris, and realisations

Cold weather is very motivating when you have an almost finished and definitely gorgeous cardigan on the needles.  My Eris has been waiting for me:

Eris cardigan.

Between knitting morning and quiet evenings, I'm making progress and I've finished and grafted the hem.  I have sleeve decisions to make, whether to work flat and seam or work in the round, and where to put the decreases to avoid the floppy cuffs I hate.  I'm also doing a ribbed cuff instead of the hemmed cuff from the pattern.

I realised some things about my knitting recently:

  1. I like knitting lace.
  2. I don't really wear lace shawls.
  3. I like finishing stuff.
  4. Big stuff takes me ages to finish, so I get demoralised.
  5. Socks are small and non-tedious, even the plain ones.
  6. I need to knit a variety of techniques, and colours.

I knit a lot of socks and wear most of them, the others I give to friends who appreciate hand knitted gifts.  I knit lace but rarely wear it, though lace scarves stand more of a chance than lace shawls.  I have a poor track record with sweaters and cardigans, though I was better in my teens when I had no other project to knit and no stash.

The lace knitting will continue, because I like the challenge and the results.  It may turn into gifts, though again only for people who actually appreciate it.  My next shawl project is Larix (Ravelry link), a half-circle non-lace shawl I'm hoping will be a nice wrap for when the office is cold.  I have two cardigans queued for when I finish Eris because I wear cardigans and I like wearing stuff I've made.  I'm not expecting to finish them quickly, but at least I have more understanding of why now.

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