Tweets for October 16th to October 31st

  • Cotton candy for breakfast. Being an adult does have some benefits.
  • Might have designed a knitted hat pattern worthy of official release, my first design.
  • 12 days till NaNoWriMo and I don't have my plot sorted yet, not sure what crises I need, who does what, & how to get rid of the boyfriend.
  • If my manual transmission car has cruise control, does that make it a semi-automatic? Do I need a special license for that?
  • My hat pattern is live on Ravelry! Go see the Landguard Hat!
  • Think I failed the Girl Litmus Test: I had a pedicure and didn't like it.
  • Working on my NaNoWriMo plot, a new character just appeared & he's going to use the Travelling Shovel of Death to kill someone, so excited!
  • That's IT, no more new literary input, I'm in output mode only till December, I have a NOVEL to write & it's going to be awesome!
  • Wind chimes are meaningless noise pollution and should be melted into oblivion.
  • Re-sizing my browser window without my permission is like you coming over to my house and shaving my cat. Do it again and I will HURT you.
  • Found someone else who obsesses about light switch alignment. Either I'm normal or we're both odd.
  • To the man with the "I love my wife" bumper sticker: Dude, you rock. Yay for loving husbands!
  • Nothing motivates you to finish a cardigan like a cold day when you want to wear it. Nearly finished hem of Eris last night, need sleeves.
  • Found polling station right near home, checked the ballot, read the issues, I'm ready for my first vote as an American citizen! Roll on Tues.

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