End of an era

Finished Faina Scarf.

Finished knitting Faina's scarf on Saturday, blocked and fringed it on Sunday. My Christmas knitting is over.

For my first lace project, I think I did good. It's a great pattern, and I could see making it again, but not anytime soon! It was an easy pattern to follow. I haven't found a bad Fiber Trends pattern yet, but I do need to finish projects before they start feeling like an albatross.

Faina required fringing, and I never want to fringe anything again. Ever. Fringing is an evil technique, especially fringing requiring an extra knot. Keeping track of the pattern was an issue, and 78 row patterns are wearing. This was the first time I've blocked anything, and the striped towel was a big help. Big thanks to Jan for suggesting it!

I didn't do a perfect job with the lace pattern, but I doubt the recipient will find the errors design variations. I have trouble finding them and I know where they are. If you see them, do not point them out to her. Next lace project I want a much smaller repeat. Seeing it stretched out made it all worth it. It's a huge relief getting it off the needles in time for Christmas. Next up, the one skein Koigu neck scarf, a free pattern from Patternworks.

I can no longer say I can't do lace. End of an era. This year I did my first lace, my first two colour stranded knitting, my first fingerless gloves. Last year I did my first socks. What's next? Spinning? :-)

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