Knitting news

Winter Knitty is up!  I would like to make the pocket creatures (minus the vile lavender) and the Thuja ribbed socks.  The other sock pattern, Pomatomus looks worth a try, but I'd have to go up a couple of needle sizes to get gauge.  The Mrs Beeton gauntlets are nice, but a bit too frilly for me.  A Bristow cabled cardigan is very tempting and the Danica entrelac scarf might make me try entrelac one day.  Maybe.

BBC News has an article today: Celebrity knitting 'sparks boom'.

A boom in sales of wool and yarn is reported by a department store chain as knitting appears to have become the latest celebrity craze.  John Lewis said it sold 93,000 balls of wool last week - up 60% on last year.  Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman and Madonna have been recently revealed as knitters.

It's taken a while for the cool kids to catch up.  In the UK, yarn is referred to as wool, which leaves you having to specify wool wool for the real deal.

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